Social Listening

Social listening, when done right, allows companies to track customer experiences, brand perceptions, sentiment drivers, influencer perspectives, and a lot more.

How social listening can help your business

Customers today share their views online. Complaints and issues happen, and sometimes brands receive positive feedback. It’s how you respond that matters. Using our automated social media analytics, a task or incident can automatically be triggered to address any negative feedback.

Improved Customer Experience

Social media management is often a function of corporate marketing teams who are not in a position to rectify or respond to issues raised. Those on the frontline are the closest point of contact with customers who often have the power to help but lack visibility.

Insights Into Competition

It’s never been easier to keep track of how your rivals are performing either in their eyes or the eyes of their customers.

New Engagement Opportunities

When brands interact positively and authentically with their customers online the results can spread to previously untapped markets. This applies as much to you as it does to your rivals, by following your competitors’ engagements online you can uncover new opportunities.

Brand Advocates & Influencer Marketing

Social media has paved the way for well-connected individuals to market themselves as brand advocates. A positive word from an industry journalist, analyst, blogger, author or respected figure from industry will do more for your brand than a traditional advertisement ever could.


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Customer Success Stories

“It’s taken a lot of pressure off us regarding compliance and it’s created better relationships between management and staff.”
Steve Elliott
Head of Major Stations