Internal Communication

Let your needs be known.

Does this sound familiar?

Objectives Are Not Clear

Your team members do not speak up if they have a different perspective or vital information to offer.

Demoralised Employees

Your teams work in their own silos, focusing on their work.

Grapevine Effect

Rumours spread fast and more often than not the truth can go missing.

How to communicate effectively

In order to communicate effectively you need to stay focussed and avoid distractions. Over-C can help you to reach your team consistently and with complete visibility. Empower your team by giving them the tools to engage effectively with each other, using familiar social engagement functions.

Listen & Contribute

Follow the news feed so that you can actively be aware of team activity and listen and engage with the team and support them proactively, encouraging a more empowered and effective workforce


Be Open

Using on site functionality, allow your fellow co-workers to see your availability and skills so that you can be a valued and productive team member and communicate using social media tools.


Be Specific

Tag teammates in incidents so that they know who is responsible for what. Create tasks with timescales and enable proof of presence so that you can know when a task has been done and where.


Tools To Do Job

Empowerment is key to the workforce, key to that is ensuring employees have the tools they need to do the job. Over-C can provide an array of functions that allow your employees to be productive the minute they arrive.


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Social Feature Highlights

Organisations and individuals are increasingly engaging with each other using social platforms. With Over-C an organisation can automate monitoring of common social media platforms, post surveys that gather feedback on the customer experience, auto-trigger tasks and respond to issues raised online.

Your data is secure with Over-C

256-bit SSL Encryption

All communication between client applications and the server is encrypted using SSL 256-bit, with additional Curve (ECDH/ECDSA) 384-bit key cryptography used for real-time mobile application traffic.

GDPR Certified

At Over-C we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in compliance with EU- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, dated 27th April 2016.