The smart manufacturing represents a leap forward from more traditional automation to a fully connected and flexible system

Smart manufacturing with Over-C Platform

Transparency & Optimisation Factors

Recent technology developments such as 3D printing, big data processing, and advanced robotics combined with machine learning and Industrial IoT are revolutionising the manufacturing industry.

An Over-C platform featuring task monitoring, supplier management, workforce analytics and data driven dashboard enables the smart manufacturer of the future to have complete system transparency in addition to process optimisation.

Connectivity Factor

Industrial IoT hinges on the ability to collect data, transmit it to the cloud, and return instructions in the opposite direction with as little latency as possible.

Smart manufacturing depends on ultra reliable connectivity. Facilities need wireless coverage and capacity to avoid a data bottleneck. The potential for one part of this highly automated chain to break is high and so there is a reliance on effective task monitoring, incident capture and inspections and audits.

Staff Safety & Plant Security

The requirement for watertight health & safety measures in manufacturing facilities is nothing new, but some of the risks associated with a highly automated environment are.

New processes require new ways of thinking about safety and security, all of which can be incorporated into the highly configurable Over-C platform.

Agility Factor

The ability to respond quickly to customer needs and market changes while still controlling costs and quality is a key component of agile manufacturing.

True agility depends on complete visibility into all of your processes. With Over-C an organisation has access to real-time performance analytics, cloud-based flexible resource and task management. This combined with a focus on action and progress, end-to-end team accountability, shared knowledge and insights and risks delivers agile manufacturing.

Of course, visibility alone will not deliver success. The power of data lies in how an organisation uses it to inform its decision making.

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Creating great organisational culture

Workforce Productivity & Asset Efficiency

Avoid multiple frontline operatives responding to the same alert or task by tagging individual team members with responsibility.

Quality & Lower Cost of the Manufactured Articles

Streamlining your operations, allocating resources efficiently, reducing the likelihood of an incident, boosting productivity; all of these benefits will result in higher quality and lower costs for your end products.

New Business Opportunities

Enabling agile manufacturing capabilities presents you with the opportunity to respond to new demands or spot trends and react fast. A fully connected manufacturing system can stop, start and change direction much more quickly than a traditional environment.

Safety & Sustainability

Create a virtuous circle of safety and sustainability. A fully integrated system of solutions is greater than the sum of its parts. EHS and Operational Risk Management support sustainability reporting, product stewardship, plus energy and carbon management.

Interested in learning more about how Over-C can help?
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