Sustainability Management

Addressing sustainability is more than complying with ESG reporting, it is essential for organisations to address risk holistically.

Achieving sustainable goals

Stakeholders are increasingly incorporating sustainability and ESG considerations in their investment decisions, not only to ensure regulatory compliance, but to build (or preserve) brand reputation and avoid potential legal risks from policyholders and shareholders.

Build sustainability directly into your core business processes

Boost employee motivation

Be proactive in finding, analysing, responding to and recovering from environment, health and safety risks before they negatively affect your employees and customers.

Attract new customers

Provable positive sustainability credentials and actions can help attract new customers. When it comes to sustainability, a do-nothing approach might achieve a short term cost reduction but it will likely damage future business opportunities.

Energy & Carbon Management

Energy efficiency & CO2 management

Tackling climate change is at the top of the agenda for government agencies and private sector organisations around the world. This has forced the topic of energy efficiency and CO2 management into the spotlight. How an organisation strengthens its ESG position will have a huge impact on the cost of insurance, operational risk, employee engagement and productivity.

Supplier management & IoT

An organisation’s carbon footprint today can be negatively impacted by the activities of third party stakeholders working on site. A network of IoT sensors can measure and report on environmental conditions in real-time.

Sustainability Risk Management

Audits & Risk Benchmarks

Evaluating your internal and external risks from a sustainability standpoint will pose a range of challenges. Whether you’re monitoring waste management or water supply and efficiency you will need to maintain a real-time view of all the variables.

Predictive Insights

Real-time data collection and analysis from a wide variety of sources across your entire organisation can be used to anticipate where problem areas lie. Move from being reactive to proactive using Predictive Insights.

Product Stewardship

Energy efficiency & CO2 management

The environmental impact of any product or service is not confined to its emissions at the point of use. Nor is it the product of its primary production process.

The full energy lifecycle of any product or service passes through a complex chain. Every link in that chain has its own energy demands and outputs.

For a complete picture of the energy lifecycle of any organisation, each link in the chain must be accurately monitored. From product development, manufacturing and packaging to transportation, storage then finally marketing and sales. Each step should be monitored in real-time using a fully automated system.

Sustainability Reporting

Accurate and timely sustainability reporting is a key component for any organisation wanting a complete picture of its ESG profile.

Sustainability reporting is not a box-ticking exercise to ensure operational compliance, done correctly it can help deliver a huge positive impact on business efficiency, employee well-being, and external stakeholder relations. These reports also feed into an organisation’s reputation from a CSR standpoint, and are increasingly referenced by environmentally conscious end users.

Sustainability and energy efficiency are boardroom issues today. Complete visibility into an organisation’s environmental impact across its entire ecosystem is a must have.

Over-C provides complete visibility and total peace of mind. Whether you are creating certifications, monitoring water, waste and GHC for operational compliance, measuring tenants or third party suppliers, providing reports for leadership teams, government agencies or NGOs. You need to provide accurate sustainability reporting.

Aspects, Strengths & Opportunities

Management Component

Leadership & Stakeholder Engagement
Access to accurate data helps managers identify trends and make the right decisions fast. From a sustainability standpoint this has a huge impact on employee and customer experience.

Having the insight and capabilities to be proactive provides organisations with a competitive edge. With a complete overview of frontline tasks, managers are able to assign roles in real-time thanks to total visibility of site facilities and the daily tasks that need completing. All this will enable you to be proactive rather than reactive.

Policies & Reporting
Operational compliance is a streamlined digital process thanks to Over-C’s frontline management platform. Whether you are monitoring for CO2 or other gaseous emissions, water quality or waste levels, you will have complete visibility of all processes at all times. Providing you with the ability to automate systems and provide on-the-spot reports.

Risk Management
Leadership teams need to have total insight into their organisation’s ability to anticipate, plan for, and respond to a wide array of sustainability management risks.

Get detailed insight into how risk drivers can impact your business value and reputation. Monitor risk levels, risk behaviours, and key risk indicators continuously.

Performance Component

Risk Assessment & Targets
Meet your business targets and ensure operational compliance, and in doing so you can improve business performance. The Over-C platform can create real-time digital experiences for frontline workers that encourages and rewards a culture of risk prevention in the workplace. Boosting the employee experience improves productivity.

Tenants & Community
Your responsibility as a business extends to your tenants and the wider community. This is particularly challenging in public spaces that require low profile monitoring solutions.

Energy, GHG, Water & Waste
Irrespective of whether your business is producing unavoidable emissions or suffers an accidental spillage you need a full picture of your energy, GHC, water and waste landscape.

Reduce the capacity for human oversight or error, and lower your overheads by automating your monitoring network.

Data Monitoring & Review
The volume of data collected by an increasing number of data points can be overwhelming. Our solutions present data in an easy to understand format on any mobile device.

Building Certification
Accurate and reliable data is required as part of obtaining a building certificate that shows your organisation’s performance from a sustainability and environmental perspective.

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