Automation & IoT

Transform sensor data into business outcomes.

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Overcrowding: Security & Health Threats

Depletion of Natural Resources

Pollution & Climate Change

How IoT Sensors can help

Event & Crowd Management

Use sensors to visualise actual volume and capacity of your environment. Determine where is nearing capacity and deploy resources to disperse over crowding into areas with more space. If a hospitality venue in particular is crowded, assign more resources to support the team so that the customer experience isn’t negatively impacted.


Smart Offices

Access unrivalled analytics to understand how your frontline operations are being carried out using real-time insight and data. Total visibility over who is doing what with real-time response to emergencies and optimisation of work rotas and worker routes. Ensure that all the tasks required to keep your operations going are assigned and being actioned.


Smart Homes & Cities

Using sensors, you can manage all your activities even it’s as simple as heating and electricity usage in your home or identifying bottlenecks that cause traffic within huge cities


CO2 Emission & Climate Change

Sensors can support your personal and corporate ambitions with regard to climate change, determine areas of concern, potential causation and brainstorm interventions.


Public Transport

Packed trains and buses are a common experience within high footfall environments, imagine being able to control these occurrences and predict, act by scheduling more trains and buses at busy times or adapt pricing to reflect peak times.


Private Transport

Understanding the performance of any form of transportation is important, whether it’s a network of buses or taxis, or an individual means of transportation. Understanding its capability and value will support you in making informed decisions.


These and many other challenges can be solved by using IoT sensors.

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Dynamic Events - Feature Highlights

The ability to monitor and act on events as they happen can literally be the difference between life and death in some situations. Over-C’s platform enables full event capture with the ability to trigger counter measures or alert frontline workers to a situation as it unfolds depending on the severity of the event. Event data and/or images can be broadcast in real-time.