Supplier Management

Real-time data allows for analysing risks in your supply chain before they occur.

The Who, The What, Where & When

Imagine being able to view exactly who is on site and when, not just in terms of your resources but your assets too, have complete control and visibility of how everything your responsible for is performing and where you need to intervene.

Understanding of Asset Life Cycle and Costs

Asset Control

Be in control of how your assets are performing, their costs and value to your business. Have a live visual map of where your key assets are located, identify weaknesses and take action.

Geofence: Safety & Security OnSite

Geofence and Authorised Personnel

Easily monitor who is on-site, how long for and where they are located with On-Site. People are scanned as they enter your facility and all of their movements are tracked, logged and visible to you until they depart. Generate a complete log and report of all activity afterwards.

Security Checks in the Perimeter

Be confident that your security team are completing the regulatory perimeter checks, by proving their locations and the boundaries that they have covered and assessed as safe.

Manage Equipment with Web Admin

Asset Lifecycle & Usage

Understand and manage the way your assets are being used and their lifecycle so that you can replace before they impact your business.

Real-time Asset Location

Keep track of assets locations so that your inventory and stock is constantly up to date. Reduce replacement costs as a result of loss.

Reducing the Risk of Theft on Site

Eliminate ‘sign out’ sheets for expensive equipment by digitising your asset management. Using sensor technology quickly determine where your assets are in your venue and who is using them.

Control Theft Risks with IoT Sensors

By having live tracking on your assets, the chances and the impact of theft is minimised.

Tagging Equipment

Never lose track of assets by tagging with the sensors and tags allowing remote and onsite control.

Setting Up Geofence

See who is in your venue at a glance. If there is an emergency such as an evacuation you can easily check who is present and who is not. If you are short on staff for regulation to achieve certain staff numbers on site for safety purposes you know if you’re exposed as you can tell if you’ve reached that threshold.

Auditable record for contact tracing

Cross reference people on-site for simple contact tracing. Map the historic movements of an infected person throughout your venue and discover who needs to be tested and where needs to be sterilised.

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