Waterford Institute of Technology Partners with Over-C to help keep students and athletes COVID-secure


We are proud to announce that Over-C has been selected by the Waterford Institute of Technology Arena (WIT Arena) to deliver a digitally transformed gym and stadium for its students and staff.

As part of the project we have deployed a bespoke digital platform which will streamline the management of facilities, security and frontline teams to ensure the best possible experience for all WIT users in a safe and COVID-19 secure way.

The WIT Arena looks after a 5,000-seater sports arena on the campus of the Waterford Institute of Technology, the largest sports, conference and events centre in the South East of Ireland. The sports centre also boasts the Edge Gym, a high-performance fitness centre which acts as a gym for students at the university, and the UPMC International Sports Medicine Clinic.

Prior to its digitalisation with Over-C, management of these sports facilities relied on time consuming paper-based processes that required staff to spend time on manual administrative tasks instead of helping to deliver a high-quality experience for members, students, athletes and spectators.

With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, the WIT Arena required a new, faster and more accurate system for managing hygiene and crowds, as well as ensuring that staff were kept safe in a COVID-secure work environment. Over-C’s digital management solution enabled the WIT Arena and Edge Gym to ensure compliance with strict new anti-COVID measures, as well as move towards a more sustainable, paper free system of facilities management, all without a cost.

How it works

The Over-C digital solution links seamlessly with IoT sensors deployed strategically across a venue that can monitor everything from temperature, footfall or other key information critical to a facilities management operation. The solution enables organisations to build and operate their workforce management operation using artificial intelligence to track key metrics and give real time data visibility to frontline staff, empowering them to carry out their tasks in a more efficient and effective way. 

“One of the biggest priorities at the WIT Arena at the moment is to offer members, students and athletes a COVID-secure experience, whilst becoming a smarter and more sustainable operation” said John Windle, Head of WIT Sport and WIT Arena Manager.

“Over-C’s digital solution has allowed us to monitor data on hygiene, footfall and maintenance schedules in real-time, all without the need for time consuming paper processes. All of this has enabled a much smoother facilities management operation so that our staff can move away from time consuming admin work and focus on delivering an even better and safer experience for members, students and athletes.”


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