Employee Engagement

Viewing “people engagement” as a thread that runs through Strategic, Operational, and Financial risk is an opportunity to help remove silos and move risk to objectives.

Employee Happiness & Engagement

Reward & Material Benefits

Empower and enable frontline workers to collaborate, communicate, plan and manage their day-to-day workload via a simple to use application on their mobile device. Schedule planned tasks, inspections, checks, maintenance and more.

Dialogue & Common Goals

Build a team mentality, where team members are able to digitally collaborate and communicate using familiar social media tools, at any location. ften frontline workers work independently but now they can be part of a team and have a way of establishing common goals.

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How to bind your business socially

Social media tools are part of our existence in the modern world, now more than ever it’s how we socially interact with friends and family. In industries where team members can be deployed across large landscapes and venues it makes sense to utilise those same social medial tools to unite your employees. Over-C’s social tools follow all the familiar interfaces your team will be used to.

Goal & Expectation Alignment

Goal & Expectation Alignment

Send surveys directly to tenants to ensure they are satisfied that maintenance is being carried out effectively and optimise operations accordingly.

Activity Feed: Internal Communication

Enable employees to post text, video and pictures of what they are experiencing, broadcast incidents and hazards and ensure that the right people are dealing with it, without multiple resources being drawn to the same place.

Capability: everyone is up to speed

Easy task scheduling & monitoring

Ensure that the right resources and capability levels are assigned to a task, both ensuring the task is done right but the employee feels empowered knowing they have the capability to do the task well.

Smart digital forms

Understand how your employees feel and their experiences during their work day, ensure you have an empowered workforce that is both motivated and effective. Collect key information on employees which is easily accessible and in one place.

Data-driven dashboards

Motivate and incentivise employees by providing a league table of top performers encouraging a team and collective mentality. Incentivise and reward employees for good performance so that your team are motivated but they are also focussed on the tasks that matter.

Resources to do job

Task monitoring

Employees can only feel productive and empowered when they are well rested and have the tools to do the job, make it easy for employees to request the things that matter to them so that they have more time and energy to focus on doing their job well.

Supplier management

Clearly visualise what assets are where. Act fast to redeploy assets to cover deficiencies so that staff always have what they need to do the job. Assign assets to employees so there is more accountability as to how the assets perform.

How to facilitate motivation?

Internal Communication

Allow employees to see how they are performing as individuals and use that to benchmark against the team to increase productivity levels. Its intrinsic in nature to want to be a high performer and a huge amount of empowerment can be felt by this.

Posts & Emoji’s

Ensure that the right Key Performance indicators are being managed and that staff are rewarded for doing the right things which are also aligned to business objectives. By assigning tasks you can ensure that staff know what success looks like and they can be rewarded as such.

Interested in learning more about how Over-C can help?
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