3rd Party Integrations

Connect, collect, learn and act on data from a wide variety of sources outside your immediate control.

Drawing insights from 3rd party data

Collecting, integrating, analysing and acting on insights obtained from data originating from an entity that does not have a direct relationship with your organisation can create powerful synergies.

Air Quality

A variety of activities or events can impact air quality inside or outdoors. Data that your sensors are collecting could be compared with data collected by a third party at the same or a separate similar location for deeper insight into its impact and control.

GHG (Greenhouse Gase) Monitoring

Measuring GHG emissions as part of your own sustainability drive only tells half the story about your carbon footprint. Third party data will give you the whole picture.


Large sites or events will have water originating from a wide variety of sources. Keeping track of the location, volume, and uses of water in your site is an absolute must. The water companies, your tenants and suppliers will have valuable data you can use.


Wholesale energy supply, transmission and consumption is a hugely complex ecosystem. Ensuring operations are running to optimum efficiency and energy supplies are uninterrupted requires a sophisticated monitoring network.


Sustainability is a hot topic as organisations are being encouraged to reduce and recycle waste. Organisations can improve efficiencies by implementing smart waste management solutions powered by IoT.

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