Event Management

All-in-one venue & event control room solution


Digitise and automate your operational processes and transform to a Smart Venue. Benefit from improved communication and collaboration so that everyone is digitally connected to deliver premium experiences to your guests.

Experience Improvement

The comfort and safety of attendees and frontline staff is of paramount importance at events of all sizes. Whether you’re hosting an exhibition, football match or concert, keeping track of people and areas is a complex task. In addition to providing comfort and safety, a well deployed sensor network could also be used to boost event sales.

Does Trend Indicate Potential Risk?

Where negative outcomes are repeated, there is a lesson to be learnt. Imagine being able to forecast and predict a particular risk using past analytical data, enabling you to put in place the necessary mitigations to improve future customer experiences.

Risk Reporting with Over-C Platform

Easily generate and access reports in real-time giving you insight and a complete audit trail of all activity. Reports are highly configurable and you can generate full reports of all available data or zero into specific detail and report by exception so you can look at only the data you want to see and remove the data you don’t.

Identify Event In Scheduled Reports

Single Events

Understand the cause and effect of a single event on your organisation and determine lessons learnt and preventative actions. Automate and schedule your reports based on the frequency and audience of your choice. All reports give a high-level summary on page one and can be exported to excel, PDF, html or csv.


Identify trends and patterns of behaviour and events that cause common issues, do slip, trips and fall claims increase on rainy days? This would all be available instantly via an easy to understand dashboard and allow the you to plan for the future.

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James Murphy, Customer Success Manager

  • 25.06.2021
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Denis Murphy, Head of Operations at Over-C,
James Murphy, Head of Customer Success

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