Team Productivity

Businesses that have to constantly react to new problems are constantly on the back foot. Having the insight and capabilities to be proactive gives a business a competitive edge.

Be productive. Not reactive

Task Monitoring from Control Room

With a complete overview of frontline tasks, managers are able to assign roles in real-time thanks to total visibility of site facilities and the daily tasks which need completing.


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Dynamic Work Activities

The Over-C platform facilitates a number of different activity types such as scheduled and onsite activities as well as dynamic activities. The latter does not require any manual input upon the initial setup. Dynamic activities are triggered automatically based on the reading of the IoT sensors, the rules that interpret data and launch dynamic events.

Performance Analytics

Realtime mobile analytics allow frontline workers to not only work more effectively, but also allows them to align their tasks and jobs into the wider team goals and expectations by giving them visibility across to-do lists, incidents created and completed tasks.


Scheduled reports provide your team with the summary of the past events and activities as well as the insights into daily, weekly, or annual performance. Reports equip your team with the knowledge that drives more informed, efficient and compelling decisions.

Admin Console

The Over-C’s Admin console allows for easy management of the hardware and sensor profiles, tasks, forms and users. Whether you are onboarding and verifying new contractors or staff members, adding or replacing sensors, updating the forms - all this can be done anytime on Over-C Admin from your mobile phone or laptop.

Interested in learning more about how Over-C can help?
Call +44 20 7873 2352 or Request a consultation

Your digital workspace

Employee Engagement

Over-C’s engagement tools help connect your team quickly and efficiently.

Company-wide Activity Feed

The activity feed available on Mobile app is designed to be an intuitive social interaction tool familiar to anyone. The activity feed is a perfect channel for real-time company announcements and private or work-related user interactions helping your team members to retain strong bonds and to provide a cost effective and efficient way of keeping everyone up to date.

The analytics behind trending topics, centiment and reactions by your staff can be observed from the Analytics Dashboards. This gives an insight into staff moral and helps management to navigate business in a more efficient and people-centric direction.

Celebrations, Achievements & Awards

Celebrating achievements of your team members on activity feed boosts engagement rates and makes the feed come alive with comments, likes and smiles. The interaction is appealing to anyone regardless of their status or role within the company.

Promotions, birthdays, milestone work anniversaries or company-wide events, publications, awards and completion of major projects - all of these are a perfect reason to celebrate over the activity feed.

“ The Over-C platform has freed up a huge amount of my time. Rather than being overwhelmed in detail, I now have the data quickly to hand meaning I can make quicker decisions and spend more time on things like sales and marketing.”

Tony McGrath

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