Retail & Malls

Total transparency of the retail environment enables improvements to incident management, sustainability, safety and security, and results in a positive customer experience.

Revenue growth, cost reductions and business process optimisations in retails

Vendor Performance Management

Monitor customer sentiment using Smart Digital Forms, create heatmaps of footfall, track incidents and spot trends, feed this data and more into an individual vendor KPI dashboard.


Customer Experience

High Street footfall is declining as online commerce continues to grow. Beat online-only retailers at their own game and use Social Listening to help deliver a superior experience in the real world.


Claim Defensibility in Retail

There are countless potential risk events in retail environments. From theft and criminal damage, to accidents and spillages in public areas. For full claim defensibility you need complete visibility.


Supplier Performance Management

Create a supplier KPI dashboard that keeps track of SLA claims, workforce efficiency, process governance, and risk performance and benchmarks.


Social Listening & Social Media Actions

Customers share their views online. It’s how you respond that matters. Using Social Listening and analytics, you can quickly address negative or positive online feedback.


Waste Management

Huge volumes of waste are generated by internal and external stakeholders in retail environments. Over accumulation in public areas represents an obvious hazard, but all waste must be accounted for and dealt with.


Predictive Insights

Real-time data collection and analysis from a wide variety of sources across your entire organisation can be used to anticipate where problem areas lie. Move from being reactive to proactive using Predictive Insights.


Predictive Maintenance (PdM) -
Breakdown or Incident Likelihood and Assets Monitoring

Almost all tangible assets have a documented useful life. Some exceed this timeframe, others don’t. Maintenance helps optimise that useful life. Keeping track of your assets on this timeline and their current maintenance status enables effective predictive maintenance.


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