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Where It All Began

Over-C founder and CEO, Michael Elliott, is a true entrepreneur and visionary. From serving as a search-and-rescue pilot to founding Over-C, his has been a truly unique career.

The story of Over-C began when Mike ran his own manned security guarding company – Akita Security. He soon realised that he – and the industry – had a major problem: when asked for insights into the efficiency of the service he was providing, he couldn’t get his hands

on the information he needed to answer them. He had no visibility.

When an incident occurred, he was often the last to know: by then, it was too late to either act or rectify what had happened. Mike made it his mission to change this industry for the better. He sold his security company and founded Over-C.


Michael Elliott

CEO, Founder

Denis Murphy

Head of Operations

James Sugrue


Real People. Real Connection

Increase staff satisfaction and customer retention through dynamic data led decision making.

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Customer Success Stories

“It’s taken a lot of pressure off us regarding compliance and it’s created better relationships between management and staff.”
Steve Elliott
Head of Major Stations

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