Risk Intelligence

Get detailed insights into your organisation’s ability to anticipate, plan for, and respond to a wide array of operational risks.

Create value amid uncertainty

Data is powerful, it helps users to make decisions, identify trends and manage performance. What if you were able to do this live, so that you can intervene immediately? Sometimes it can be too late to act if you aren’t seeing the impact as it's happening.


Risk Awareness

Create real-time digital experiences for frontline workers that encourages and rewards a culture of risk prevention in the workplace.

Risk Insights

Get detailed insight into how risk drivers can impact your business value and reputation. Monitor risk levels, risk behaviours, and key risk indicators continuously.


Risk Identification

Identify the possible root causes and consequences of risks and how they relate to events. Our capabilities include: developing survey questions, documenting activities, proposing risks, and documenting risk behaviours and opportunities.

Plan your organisation's risk strategy, define relevant business activities, assign risk appetites, and assign risk owners and responsibilities.


Risk Monitoring

Use automated monitoring capabilities to track key risk indicators and controls on an ongoing basis.

Risk Analysis

Run quantitative and qualitative risk analysis to determine the likelihood of occurrence and the potential impact of identified risks.

Risk Reporting

Automatically generate reports and send them direct to your team, managers, contractors or clients. Use our built-in analytics, or easily export data to other tools.

Risk Site Maps & Analytics Dashboards

You can see your risk status more clearly and analyse risk management information faster with graphical views.

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Decision making

Decisions evolve around the need to make choices, either to do or not to do something, or to select one option from a range of options. The choices available are often constrained by social, technical, business, safety and environmental requirements and objectives.

Successful decision making requires an understanding of these many requirements and objectives, their relative importance, and how to assess options and make the ‘best’ decision.

Centralised risk and control data repository

Policies, regulations and business objectives

Risk management can result in the creation of huge lists of risks across many different areas of an organisation. It is impossible to sustain the sheer number of risk management tools, and much of that information is completely irrelevant.

By concentrating on the core activities and processes of the business, we can focus on the drivers of value.

Risk benchmarks

With the right tools, your organisation can store, manage, and analyse risk data – and gain valuable benchmarks that were previously unimaginable. Analysing data is critical for enterprises to serve customers and improve overall business performance.

Real-time benchmarking motivates users to correct their course to ensure they achieve compliance to a specific task or goal. As a result, employees become more engaged, retention rates rise and operating costs fall.

Predictive insights

Big data and analytics are only as potent to an organisation as the questions that are asked of the data. Asking the right questions drives insights that can steer the organisation toward owning their customer's journey and therefore circumventing the potential of being disrupted by a competitor.

Making risk KPIs highly visible and easy-to-understand with a live dashboard, tablet or smartphone means everyone knows where to focus their work at all times and can monitor real-time progress towards your business goals effortlessly.

Advanced Analytics & Business Intelligence

Good data leads to good decisions. Frontline workers need to know how to use data and apply it wisely. hile using data intelligently is an essential ingredient for a successful organisation, it’s not enough to be data driven. The future is automation with machine learning.

Machine learning shifts traditional rules-based processes to intelligent ones that can discover new risk patterns in large, unstructured data sets – and make strategic predictions all on their own. It can also take on highly repetitive tasks such as checking daily tasks and documentation for accuracy.

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