Trust & Security

Does this sound familiar?

Unencrypted Data

The data you collect is easily viewed and accessible to anyone who wants it, not necessary those who should.

Unpatched Devices

Unidentified vulnerabilities in your network, some of which you don’t even know are there


Cloud-based Threat

Adopted a cloud strategy but unsure what that means for your data and the threat posed


How Over-C Platform Handles Security

At Over-C the security of our customers data is paramount, as a result we have a multitude of measures in place to ensure all our customers have complete comfort and confidence in our ability to manage their data. All staff are trained and qualified

Two-step Verification (2FA)

Our mobile application for frontline workers utilises NFC technology to provide a more secure method to login. Your NFC badge and PIN number are yours, ensuring no one else can log in to your Over-C account.

Secure Credential Storage

All passwords are stored securely in our database using strong, one-way encryption using cryptographic hash functions.Nobody can access your individual log in detail, feel confidence in our ability to keep your data secure.

IP Restrictions

All Over-C systems follow security best practices, such as using firewalls to block access from blacklisted IP addresses. Rules can be configured to refuse access from specific countries.

Access Permissions

All Over-C customers have the ability to adjust permissions for their own employees by creating user groups and assigning fine grained access to system functionality and data. This allows for clear data separation between different groups of users.


A proven track-record

At Over-C we have a history of dealing with customer data fromsmall to huge organisations, they trust us to manage and process their data and have complete confidence in our ability to provide both a reliable and secure environment.

Ops Best Practices

Over-C’s technical operations team follow best practices in security, maintaining and monitoring all production systems.

Over-C operates an information security incident response policy that defines the roles, responsibilities and procedures to manage information security events and incidents consistently and effectively.

Support & Monitoring

Over-C’s Operations team provide you with full support in configuration of your account. All accounts are monitored proactively for any suspicious activity. Contact our expert team if you have any issues or concerns.

Data Centres

All our customers have complete confidence in where their data is located, we can offer flexibility on where your data is stored depending on your requirements. Work with us to ensure thatallyourregulatoryobligationsaremetwithregardtodatahandlingandstorage.

IT Security

Over-C operates a governance framework and comprehensive information security processes to ensure compliance to information security and legal obligations. Our team has decades of experience working with client data and have used that to define secure ways of working with your security at the forefront our minds.


All servers and databases are hosting in the cloud using Amazon Web Services (AWS). By default, all data is stored in EU or UK data centres, dependent on customer requirements.

Compliance & Certifications

Infrastructure & network security

Network controls

Over-C’s cloud architecture includes the use of strict security groups for the access of instances in the network. All access to the systems is logged and monitored.

Encryption at rest & in transit

All data is encrypted in transit using 256-but SSL Encryption, and is also encrypted at rest once it reaches our system data stores, so you can have complete peace of mind about the safety of your data.

System administration

All systems are kept up to date by our dedicated IT operations team, with constant monitoring for system updates and patches for any security vulnerabilities. Secure backups are routinely created allowing for fast restore capabilities in the event of an outage.


Over-C’s cloud architecture includes a number of security measures in place to scan for any malicious activity or unauthorized access to system accounts.