Data-driven Dashboards

Real-time data allows for analysing risks before they occur.

What Is Live Data Telling Us?

Data is powerful, it helps users to make decisions, identify trends and manage performance. What if you were able to do this live, so that you can intervene immediately. Sometimes it can be too late to act if you aren’t seeing the impact as its happening.

What is happening in my business?


Experience a live and complete overview of how your business is performing and understand and address all operational issues and risks. Visualise all of your activities in one easy to interpret dashboard.


Understand the performance of your team, their engagement levels and empower them by addressing areas where they need extra support. Assign the right resources to the immediate problem.


Monitor and assess how your assets are performing and supporting your business, address any loss or breakages instantly ensuring that the impact on your workforce and customers is minimised.

What is likely to happen next?

Quantify Magnitude

Using the data collected from IoT endpoints, machine learning refines predictive analytics to give facilities managers a better sense of not only how your venue is currently running, but how it expects your venue to run a week, two weeks or one month from now.

Assess Probability

Over-C analytics utilises machine learning to make the most of the data you capture. By consistently monitoring your venue, you can use your data to learn more about your venue, its assets or workforce to provide longer-term benefits.

Quantify Impact

Understand your venue with data and analytics. Increase efficiency and control costs by understanding when and where to deploy resources. Full visibility into all operations gives you the power to hold third parties accountable.


Imagine the power of how to manage and address all compliance regulations as events unfold. Enabling you to act and have a full audit trail of the interventions and mitigations that were put in place.

What do I need to do?

Scheduled & Dynamic Tasks

Ensure that regular tasks that need to be completed are on the to do list of the qualified team member and be certain that the tasks are completed. Where new tasks occur, raise them quickly and assign them correctly.

IoT Sensors

Using sensors allow users to see the capacity of customers in your venue live. So that you can assign more resources and understand your capacity levels and determine risk factors.

Anticipate. Plan. Implement

Use your one stop shop dashboard, to determine where decisions and interventions need to be made, whether that’s to increase staff levels or forecast a particular risk based on previous analytical trends.

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Your data is secure with Over-C

256-bit SSL Encryption

All communication between client applications and the server is encrypted using SSL 256-bit, with additional Curve (ECDH/ECDSA) 384-bit key cryptography used for real-time mobile application traffic.

GDPR Certified

At Over-C we are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy in compliance with EU- General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) 2016/679, dated 27th April 2016.

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Instantly Understood Data

Through Over-C live data dashboards, instantly and clearly see how your site is performing, dive deeper into areas of concern at the click of a button and react to events as they enfold.


At Over-C we know the importance of understanding the data you collect, not just storing it. The power of data is using it to learn, forecast and predict. Determine what’s performing well and where needs intervention.

Live Site Mapping

Over-C can provide maps that illustrate your specific site, so the dashboard you are seeing is reflective of the exact environment you are monitoring.

Predictive Insights

Over-C is a decision-making platform. Analytics Dashboards is one of the applications available with the platform. The dashboards use data analysis to communicate real-time performance as well as to provide valuable insights into outcomes and to make more informed business decisions.

Predictive insights ingest data from different sources such as authentic Over-C data as well as 3rd party data; and integrate the obtained knowledge into insights. Predictive insights can help companies to solve complex problems and create new business potential.

The architecture of the Over-C Analytics Dashboards is highly agile which makes it easy for Over-C to respond to the market demands. Today the IoT-powered Over-C platform is offering insights into task performance, incident capture, carbon footprint and ESG performance, customer sentiment, team morale and much more.

Supplier Management

Have one, clear view of how a site is preforming, using metrics that you are able to define. Address areas that are underperforming, reassign resource and ensure that all associated assets are in place and working correctly.

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