IoT Monitoring

Dynamic actions generated by the Over-C rules engine make it easy to express verified solutions to difficult problems.

Automate smart response to your IoT data

The Over-C’s rules engine helps to automate actions across the platform that would otherwise require manual input. Automated or dynamic actions are paired with the IoT sensors that capture the data.

Set up conditions & actions

IoT monitoring has never been easier with the use of the IoT-powered Over-C platform. The admin tools available both on mobile and desktop allow for an effortless set up of the dynamic actions. You just need to set a sensor profile containing Triggers, define desirable threshold values, select Conditions and Actions and connect sensor profile to the relevant IoT sensors.

Capture Insights

Smart IoT sensors are assigned to the sensor profiles. The sensors are continuously monitoring data and passing it over to the Over-C platform to be analysed. Insights are generated and become instantly communicated across the Over-C platform including Team and Personal Performance Analytics on Mobile App and the company-wide Analytics Dashboards.

Set Up Smart Sensors & Triggers

Smart IoT sensors have to be assigned to the sensor profiles to generate dynamic actions. Each sensor profile is a set of rules defined by your administrators. Each sensor profile can be connected to an unlimited number of relevant smart sensors.

The triggers defined in the sensor profiles have to match the smart sensors’ specification. For example, a smart sensor monitoring temperature in ‘Room A’ requires a sensor profile containing a rule describing the temperature required in that specific area.

One sensor profile may contain multiple rules describing different measurements. For example indoor climate monitoring may include temperature, humidity, light, noise, atmospheric pressure and air quality.

Create Actionable Events

Risk Awareness

It is critical to recognise potential risks, hazards and incidents. Being risk aware means that individuals and organisations are enabled to prevent error and subsequent harm to staff or customers by putting plans and contingencies in place.

Within the organisations an effective safety and security culture is said to exist when there is high awareness. IoT technology is an excellent tool that helps improve that.

Risk Prevention & Response

The IoT-powered Over-C platform allows to mitigate and respond to various risks.

Use of dynamic actions is a highly efficient automated approach available with the Over-C platform. Our built-in rules engine connects smart sensors and sensor profiles, which helps to capture, ingest and automate actions across the Over-C platform in response to anomaly events.

Generate & Learn from Predictive Insights

Predictive risk intelligence provides you with advance notice of emerging risks, knowledge of potential loss and risk exposures, and increased awareness of the external threats to your company that could affect the decisions you make for your organisation.

Risk intelligence has evolved beyond the use of risk indicators and management programs to focus on capturing emerging risks with the use of IoT technology and analytical tools.

The IoT-powered Over-C platform provides its customers with predictive insights available in Over-C Analytics Dashboards. Real-time data as well as the insights into day-to-day operations can equip your organisation with the knowledge that drives more informed, efficient and compelling decisions.

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How It Works

To make IoT monitoring work effectively, a few key areas have to be defined in advance.

Once the hardware (IoT sensors and gateways) are installed, their details have to be set up with the platform. In other words their digital twins have to be created. In order to be operational the IoT sensor has to be connected to the sensor profiles and gateways.

The rules that are set up in the sensor profiles conduct continuous 24/7 monitoring of the various metrics without any manual input from your team. In the case of a dynamic event being triggered, it gets instantly broadcasted as a dynamic task or incident.

Behaviour of the IoT sensors can be adjusted even further in Sensor Settings. Behavioural patterns behind Prolonged Inactivity, Event Density or Delays Between Events can be capped limiting hourly or daily frequency of the dynamic events, delays between them as well as dynamic action in a case of inactive device or low battery level.

All the data related to the dynamic events is captured and analysed. Advanced analytics can provide your organisation with a detailed outlook into underlying causes, response and outcome of any dynamic event. Insights help to understand emerging patterns and to address them with corrective measures.

In some cases the rules in the Sensor Profiles have to be revisited and adjusted in light of new data or in order to reflect regulatory change. The Log of those changes is safely stored and it is easily accessible in the Over-C Platform. Your administrators can view who made the changes, when and what exactly was changed; and revert the changes if necessary.


Centralised knowledge base

Most organisations want to increase productivity and enable their employees to perform their job functions with a higher level of efficiency. A centralised knowledge base translates into productivity increases and bottom-line profit gains, and learners benefit from the immediacy of focused, accurate retrieval of information as needed.

Verified solutions to complex problems

IoT can solve countless problems we see on a daily basis. Sharing and collection of real-time data allows technology to progressively become smarter as well, leading to even more advances in problem-solving. IoT connects Smart Homes, Smart Building, Smart Factories, Smart Fleet, and even Smart Cities making risk management activities much more efficient and cost-effective.

Instant solution broadcasting

Communication, collaboration, cohesion and unification of various objects become more convenient and connected with the devices we use everyday.

The Over-C platform provides digital tools for real-time data monitoring and analysis. Activity feed and daily task progress available on mobile application allow for efficient communication and collaboration between all the members of your organisation.

Social listening allows companies to track customer experiences, brand perceptions, sentiment drivers, influencer perspectives, and a lot more in real time. Social listening enables your business to respond to the incidents or address arising issues without a delay, which is typically associated with lengthy paperwork and a use of dated communication channels.

Cost efficiency & speed of integration

IoT benefits various businesses and industries by reducing costs associated with unexpected downtimes, improving worker safety and satisfaction while offering deep, actionable insights into process and equipment improvements.

IoT can be integrated into your organisation’s ecosystem in a very short period of time conditional to the hardware being already in place and your team being well acquainted with the IoT technology.

However, if your organisation is somewhat new to IoT technology then the time required for integration will obviously take a little bit longer. With that in mind, Over-C can also help by providing your team with the onboarding sessions, demos, on-demand consultations and ongoing IT support for the entire duration of the service.

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