Ensuring the safety and security of students, staff members, and assets, while lowering your legal liability is essential in education facilities.

Preventing Academic Risks

Demonstrate Regulatory Compliance

Schools and colleges around the world are subject to different sets of regulatory compliance. These will include standard compliance matters such as health and safety, but will also include specific regulations for the safeguarding of children.

Education providers must be able to demonstrate compliance.

Reduce Coverage Costs

By using a combination of task monitoring, inspections and audits, workforce analytics and data driven dashboards, facility managers have a full view of all resource allocation.

Understand the performance of your frontline team, their engagement levels and empower them by addressing areas where they need extra support. Assign the right resources to the immediate problem areas and solve recent issues before they become a bigger challenge later down the line.

Strengthen balance sheets

Have a complete real time view of your organisation’s total assets. Workforce productivity will have a measurable impact on your finances.

Use workforce analytics and predictive insights powered by machine learning to inform your resourcing decisions. Check out which of your organisation’s teams are performing best, and find out why.

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Creating great organisational culture


Empower and enable frontline workers to collaborate, communicate, plan and manage their day-to-day workload via a simple to use application on their mobile device.


Communicate Effectively

Positive social interactions facilitate organisational learning, cooperation, effectiveness, and employee loyalty, among many other desirable outcomes.


360 Feedback

Feedback is a gift but not always a given. Smart Digital Forms provides complete anonymity giving staff the confidence to share honest and genuine feedback.


Pulse Surveys

Send surveys directly to external and internal stakeholders any time to gain a snapshot of their satisfaction.


Interested in learning more about how Over-C can help?
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“ The Over-C platform has freed up a huge amount of my time. Rather than being overwhelmed in detail, I now have the data quickly to hand meaning I can make quicker decisions and spend more time on things like sales and marketing.”

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