Southside Shopping Centre

Over-C provides an auditable digital record of all maintenance activity assuring customers of an optimum retail experience.

Client’s Problem

Maintenance inspections at Southside shopping centre were carried out using manual paper audits.

This was proving to be unreliable and was resulting in poor maintenance levels and an inability to use the shopping centre’s resources in an efficient manner. It also increased the risk levels and potential for insurance claims, given that it is a large commercial building, open to the general public.

Our Solution

The implementation of Over-C’s system allows for daily inspections of all Public Amenities i.e. Toilets, Changing rooms etc. with preventative maintenance checks being carried out on Generators, Post Indicator Valves, Jockey Pumps, Sprinkler Systems etc.

NFC is used for the Proof of Presence and individual audits are assigned to each tag.

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“ The Over-C platform has freed up a huge amount of my time. Rather than being overwhelmed in detail, I now have the data quickly to hand meaning I can make quicker decisions and spend more time on things like sales and marketing.”

Pieter Strömbeck

General Manager

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