Predictive Insights

Manage your finances in real time with complete visibility

Proactive fault management system with Over-C

Define & Measure

As long as people, systems, and processes remain imperfect, operational risk cannot be fully eliminated.


Live Data & Analytics

Get smart about how, where and when to deploy resources. Identify trends and make more informed, data driven decisions. Our customers have seen 17% cost savings from increases in efficiency and productivity.


Improve & Control

26% of frontline workers forget to do tasks at least once a month. Monitor work status and resources in real-time and get alerted when critical tasks are missed to ensure work is done right to avoid negative impact.


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Solution for your team

“ The Over-C platform has freed up a huge amount of my time. Rather than being overwhelmed in detail, I now have the data quickly to hand meaning I can make quicker decisions and spend more time on things like sales and marketing.”

Tony McGrath

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