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Transform sensor data into business outcomes and build Safer, Smarter Spaces.

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The hardware we recommend

IoT Sensors

Smart IoT sensors are devices that take information from a physical environment and use wireless communication to monitor, examine, and maintain various systems.

The Over-C platform is hardware-agnostic. IoT sensors are essential hardware to perform smart performance monitoring, dynamic event capture and much more.

Bluetooth Beacon Sensors

From airports and train stations to museums and stadiums, Beacon positioning systems have quickly become the standard for overcoming the indoor coverage challenges of GPS.

Beacons help operational staff to navigate their way through complex facilities, deliver on demand content at the exact location, report task activity and incident management status.


NFC Sensor Tags

NFC tags have a variety of uses including ‘proof of presence’ and identity checks. Similarly to IoT sensors and beacons, NFC tags can have smart forms, notes and media galleries attached to them helping to track recurring events and various checklists.


3rd Party Data Providers

Our platform takes multiple 3rd party data inputs from Bluetooth, NFC, 4/5G and LoRaWAN. We partnered with (Bluetooth), Disruptive Technologies (Sensor Applications), Hitachi Vantara, The Things Network (LoRaWAN), and brands like Android, iOS, AWS and nChain.

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Customer Success Stories

“It’s taken a lot of pressure off us regarding compliance and it’s created better relationships between management and staff.”
Steve Elliott
Head of Major Stations

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