Risk Benchmarks

Measure performance against peers, strategic priorities and future needs, and position yourself to drive business goals.

Evaluate your internal and external risks

Environmental Metrics

Organisations today need a sophisticated solution to tackle the challenge of accurately measuring emissions or other environmentally impactful events that originate from or affect their operations.

Whether you are monitoring water, waste or GHC for operational compliance, measuring tenants or third party suppliers, providing reports for leadership teams, government agencies or NGOs. You need to provide accurate sustainability reporting.

Over-C Features & Capabilities

IoT Technology & Climate Change Adaptation

With smart IoT sensors integrated into the Over-C system, organisations receive an unparalleled level of insight into events occurring across a facility. Climate change will have an undeniable impact on certain operations, adapting to the changes in a timely fashion will be critical.

Process & Workforce Optimisation with Automation & Dynamic Events

With Over-C's dynamic task management system, an organisation can intelligently react to alerts raised by sensors, creating and assigning tasks to your frontline workers. Create tasks that automatically address issues triggered by a network of IoT sensors located at strategic locations. Assign tasks in advance to the individuals who are notified via connected devices to resolve the issues raised and be able to demonstrate that the job has been done.

Reduce Energy & Water Consumption

Energy efficiency is a business imperative. The rising cost of fuel in combination with environmental pressure is a twin threat. In addition to this, unnecessarily high levels of water consumption can have a huge impact on costs. A leaky pipe will drain money from your business 24/7 if left untreated.

Inspection & Audits in Waste Management

Effective waste management for complex sites has moved beyond having a team tied to a rigid collection and disposal rota and a paper-based tracking system. To ensure waste on sites is dealt with before it becomes an environmental hazard, organisations need to put in place user friendly digital tools that can be used to track inspections as they happen. With Over-C employees can geo-tag locations as they’re inspected.

Social Metrics

Collect data on how you are performing, quickly address issues that are causing you to be perceived negatively by your customers. Identify the areas of concern and act fast.

Assign and create incidents fixing the problems that are causing you to get negative social media responses, reply to individuals so they feel confident in the resolution. Create tasks automatically to address the comments raised on social media, assign them to the right team member so that clear ownership is assigned leading to a more efficient outcome.

Over-C Features & Capabilities

Care for community, tenants & customers

In addition to ensuring the provision of a safe, secure and comfortable environment for employees and customers alike, Over-C’s platform provides organisations with the opportunity to proactively reach out to internal and external stakeholders to gauge their satisfaction levels. Surveys provide businesses with a snapshot of perspectives and behaviours. Understanding these is the key to enabling you to make objective and effective decisions.

Engage with the employees & contractors

Internal communication has never been more important. Challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic highlighted the importance of staying connected to a remote stakeholder base. Stay in touch with employees and contractors using Over-C powered mobile technology and help improve the service quality that contributes to a first-rate customer experience.

Governance Metrics

The framework of authority and accountability any organisation puts in place to define and control its operations, projects, programmes and outcomes needs to be measurable. Over-C manages all resources on a single platform providing a single view of all governance metrics.

In addition to supplying a single view of key performance indicators and governance metrics, Over-C also provides organisations with the ability to measure and then act on predefined severity levels via either an alert to frontline staff or an automated response.

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