Whether you are managing short term domestic building projects or sprawling construction sites you need visibility of every task and potential risk

Improving safety, productivity & profitability in construction projects

Day-to-day Task Management

Stay on top of the wide variety of scheduled daily tasks and ensure an incident-free smooth operation of your site.


On-budget On-time Delivery

Keep a firm grip on the costs and timelines of multiple projects, and those of your third party suppliers. The knock-on effects of one missed deadline could push your project into the red.


Theft Prevention Using Onsite Assets Management

Construction sites are busy environments. With so many individuals arriving on site via different entry points on foot or in a variety of vehicles, keeping track of your assets can be a real challenge.


Improvement to Employee Safety

It takes more than a hardhat and a high vis jacket to keep frontline construction workers safe. The potential for serious harm to your employees should be one of your top priorities.


Team Productivity

A building project goes through a variety of stages. Ensure that your project management team allocates sufficient resources during each phase to maximise team productivity.


Waste Management

Huge volumes of waste must be dealt with as part of all building projects. In some circumstances that waste is extremely hazardous. It all needs to be accounted for as the project progresses.


Site Monitoring

Whether you’re keeping track of people, assets or the environmental impact, a construction site should have 24/7 monitoring in place.


Claim Defensibility in Construction Industry

The potential for false claims being made in the construction industry is high. Cover yourself with a full site monitoring solution.


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