Creating an environment that ensures the well-being, safety and security of patients and frontline staff is a number one priority for healthcare providers.

Setting up smart hospital space

Reduced Operational Costs

Hospitals are busy environments that feature a wide range of different but interconnected locations. Frontline staff need all the help they can get to keep things on track.

A smart hospital space will monitor scheduled and unscheduled tasks, staff and patient location and safety, plus keep track of expensive and essential medical equipment and inventory, driving resource efficiency and reducing operational costs.

Efficient Task Monitoring

Whether you are keeping track of Covid-19 sanitation on the wards, hazardous waste disposal, or complying with general health & safety or fire regulations, the checklist of daily tasks in a hospital is huge.

With an accurate picture of workforce productivity in combination with task monitoring, organisations can ensure the appropriate level of resource allocation at all times. Keep complete track and control of your operational ‘To Do’ list in real time. Prioritise unanticipated new tasks and assign resources without damaging your risk profile.

Staff & Patients Safety

Controlling unauthorised access to healthcare facilities can be a challenge. By design most hospitals tend to have an open door policy.

Hospitals need to maintain the right balance of being a welcoming yet safe and secure environment for anxious patients and frontline staff. Subtle but effective monitoring needs to be carried out at all points in the facility.

Medical Inventory & Equipment Tracking

At hospitals, tracking inventory and equipment whether from authorised use, theft, misuse or loss presents its own unique set of challenges.

As was recently highlighted during the Covid-19 pandemic many hospitals were stretched to breaking point. A shortage of personal protective equipment led directly to many key frontline workers placing themselves in great danger. While this is an unprecedented case it does highlight the importance of maintaining an inventory.

Unfortunately, certain inventory such as prescription drugs will be actively targeted for theft. The threat of theft can be internal or external making accurate tracking all the more important.

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