Risk & Insurance

Compliance doesn’t have to be difficult thanks to streamlined digital processes from Over-C’s frontline management platform

Streamline field operations with Live Data & IoT

Live Data, IoT & Analytics

Customers today share feedback online. Complaints and issues happen,from a dirty bathroom, to a broken elevator - It’s how you respond that matters. Using our automated social media analytics, a task or incident can automatically be triggered to address any negative feedback.

Predict Failure Before It Occurs

IoT sensors allow for real-time monitoring of critical assets by central management teams, giving unparalleled insight into system health and allowing for alarms to be raised and corrective action taken even before problems arise.

Predictive Insights

The power of data comes from how organisations use it to learn, forecast and take action. Machine learning refines predictive analytics to give facilities managers a better sense of operational performance now and in the future.

Supplier Management

See how your suppliers are performing using our live data visual mapping, remotely see where and what areas need to be addressed and who is available to address. Utilise the analytics pieces to determine trends and see where interventions need to be made.

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Tony McGrath, Smart Gym expert
James Murphy, Customer Success Manager

  • 25.06.2021
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Denis Murphy, Head of Operations at Over-C,
James Murphy, Head of Customer Success

  • 28.05.2021
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