Smart Digital Forms

Paperless forms easily created, updated and shared instantly.

Smarter communication

Why are surveys important? Surveys provide businesses with a snapshot of perspectives and behaviours. Understanding these is the key to enabling you to make objective and effective decisions. However, you may not believe you have the time to regularly distribute surveys. With Over-C’s smart and simple survey functionality you will be able to distribute with ease.

Your drag-and-drop form builder

Easy Drag-and-drop Forms

Easy to use and intuitive form builders enables any team member to create a survey in any location and make available to the team instantly. Ensure that you are able to get an objective and accurate understanding of the teams perspectives and viewpoints from those on the ground.

My Anytime tasks

Organise and group survey information and results so that it is simple and easy to determine the results and act quickly to improve the experience for the employee and the overall customer experience.

Planning your form reach out


Easily assign specific surveys to certain staff members, ensure that you are getting a good cross section of staff and team members.

Scheduling the Survey

Schedule the survey to take place when you are likely to get maximum engagement and make the survey accessible to all staff members no matter when they are on shift.

Confidentiality of users’ responses

Give staff the confidence to give honest and genuine feedback by allowing participants to be anonymous in their responses. With surveys, it’s essential to get objective and honest response, in order to make informed and effective business decisions.

In addition to anonymity you can also provide transparency in survey responses so your workforce can see how their answers stack up against their peers.

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Customer Success Stories

“It’s taken a lot of pressure off us regarding compliance and it’s created better relationships between management and staff.”
Steve Elliott
Head of Major Stations

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