Stadiums & Hospitality

Provide a safe and secure environment for your customers and frontline workers. Ensure they remember their visit to your event for the right reasons.

Daniela & Angie
T. Hotel Guests

… thanks for making our stay amazing, we loved every second, I can’t recommend you enough ...

Laila S.
Soccer Fan

… from kick-off to the final whistle, the atmosphere was electric, the halftime refreshments weren’t bad either 😉 ...

John F.
Event Safety Steward

… staying in contact with colleagues was super easy. If one of the team spotted an incident or needed help, we could flag it quickly and we knew support was on the way ...

Alex B.

… when I’m competing I need to stay focused. I felt totally secure, less anxious about being in the right place at the right time, and that really helped my performance on the day ...

Amanda G.
Hotel Receptionist

… we have guests from around the world and we want them to feel our hotel is a home from home, thanks for making that possible ...

Micaela R.
Hotel Guest

… first I lost my key card, then I forgot to book a wake up call. Fortunately, you were able to get me a cab to their airport, and you gave me a breakfast to go …

How to keep premises in good repair

Systematic Inspections

Digital checks on facilities allow for real-time and ongoing data into the health of critical systems, enabling preventative maintenance to be carried out before more drastic action is required.


Breakdowns Prevention

IoT sensors allow for real-time monitoring of critical assets by central management teams, giving unparalleled insight into system health and allowing for alarms to be raised and corrective action taken even before problems arise.


Submitting and handling complaints effectively

Easy Incident Capture

Enable local residents to alert maintenance teams to problems as soon as they arise, allowing corrective maintenance to be taken by the right professionals quickly and efficiently.


Social Listening

Keep residents up to date with ongoing maintenance work and communicate to understand where issues have arisen.


Monitoring Customers & Employees Satisfaction Rate

Pulse Surveys

Send surveys directly to tenants to ensure they are satisfied that maintenance is being carried out effectively and optimise operations accordingly.


Social Media Actions

Monitor local social media engagement with council services and on certain tags to keep track of resident sentiment and be alerted to any potential maintenance issues.


Safety is everyone’s responsibility

Live Data & Analytics

Get smart about how, where and when to deploy resources. Identify trends and make more informed, data driven decisions. Our customers have seen 17% cost savings from increases in efficiency and productivity.


Scheduled Reports

Operational compliance requires complete visibility of all processes at all times. Providing you with the ability to automate systems and provide on-the-spot reports.


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