A platform proven to reduce costs for customers and losses for insurers.

Over-C empowers organisations to capture and act on risk,
operations & environmental insights in one place.

Our customers achieve amazing results

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Increase in staff satisfaction
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Increase in sustainability
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Better experiences start
with better insights

Risk Prevention Sensors

Automatically trigger dynamic actions from real-time data insights to make risk prevention part of your team's culture.

Task Compliance

Keep your finger on the pulse by automating compliance processes with Over-C’s frontline management analytics.

Sustainability Excellence

Build environmental benchmarking performance and sustainability capabilities into core business processes.

Dynamic Action Management

Get control of your team's complex frontline operations and live task performance feedback from one single platform.

Industrial IoT Productivity

Reimagine processes and empower teams to make smart decisions with connected industrial IoT services and data.

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Tony McGrath, Smart Gym expert
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  • 25.06.2021
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Denis Murphy, Head of Operations at Over-C,
James Murphy, Head of Customer Success

  • 28.05.2021
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