A Single Source of

Over-C enables end-to-end visibility to service-centric operations whilst
optimising compliance, reducing risk, and delivering smart paperless reporting

Intelligently connecting people, process, assets and performance

Over-C’s core business is to leverage technology to solve problems to augment and automate manual processes, make existing workforces more intelligent and develop solutions to power new business models.

Our dedicated solutions use location, sensor data and other inputs to trigger content and workflows at exactly the right time and place.  The data generated is translated into powerful reports that help optimise workforce’s, fundamentally changing how they do business.

We enable business owners to improve their operational control, make informed decisions, increase workforce productivity, reduce costs and become paperless through smart technology.

  • Monitor critical tasks, workflows and resources.
  • Gain fast and accurate insights in real time and on-demand.
  • Create a paperless environment
  • Reduce risk and improve compliance

Customer Use Cases

ScotRail uses groundbreaking O2 Smart Compliance Powered by Over-C

It’s taken a lot of pressure off us regarding compliance and it’s created better relationships between management and staff.”

George Allan, Head of Major Stations

Watch the customer story or download the: O2 ScotRail Customer Story

Thomond Park Stadium

“We can see the progress and productivity of all Contractors & staff on the ground and can see what tasks have been missed, pending and completed. Over-C has revolutionised the way we think about data, analytics and problem solving.”

Colm Moran - Thomond Park