Task Monitoring

Keep complete track and control of your operational needs in real time. Prioritise unanticipated new tasks and assign resources without damaging your risk profile.

Over-C Platform in Action: Club Vitae

Planning & Getting All Set


With Over-C by your side as a partner you’re never alone. Reach out for support and consulting services on how best to manage and monitor your operations.


Remove the headaches associated with implementation. Over-C experts will design an onboarding plan for you based on your business priorities, the type and size of your business, your platform plan and your familiarity with IoT and AI products.

Creating digital twin of your organisation (DTO)

To have a complete picture of your site or event from an operational or risk perspective you need to create a virtual, visual, representation.

With Over-C you can build a digital twin for a specific site so that you can monitor all activity remotely. Managers and frontline workers will see areas of concern and where you need to intervene to ensure that you are not only complying with regulations but are optimising the customer experience.

In addition to monitoring a facility and the static but variable features within those spaces. You also need to keep track of individuals present in those spaces - authorised or unauthorised.

A digital twin of your organisation not only provides a real time view for management purposes, but also a fully logged record of events over time for future reference. Furthermore, a virtual environment could be duplicated, shared and even used in disaster recovery situations, worse case scenario testing or trialling the deployment of new equipment.

Sustainability Reporting

People, Assets & Locations

Build sustainability into your core business process, build a culture of sustainability with your people and protect assets.

Get instant visibility and notify the right people to take action to resolve a sustainability incident. Our live map visual dashboard gives an aerial view of your facility to quickly see where and when incidents occur. Alert frontline workers via mobile technology if an issue needs to be addressed.

IoT & Bluetooth Sensors

Sensors can be used for a wide variety of purposes in a wide variety of locations. Our sensor specialists can guide you on the right sensor for your operation whether you’re monitoring crowd flow, environmental conditions, pest control, location access.

Bluetooth beacon technology enables sensors to be located in areas that do not have a wired connection. All data transmitted from the sensors is fed into digital dashboards, providing an immediate view into any alerts that have been generated. Frontline workers can react immediately to alerts through push notifications on their mobile devices.

Permissions & Rules Engine

No two organisations operate using the exact same set of business rules. The Over-C platform does not define how your business operates, our solutions have the flexibility to integrate with the rules you put in place.

Permissions can be defined in advance or on the fly to enable greater workforce agility. If an incident occurs users can even tag other team members and collaborate to rectify the issue all via mobile technology providing a full history and audit trail. You can tag or notify multiple users and set permissions so that only certain users can close off the issue once they’ve been flagged.

Scheduled & Dynamic Activities, Forms, Reports

With Over-C's dynamic task management systems, an organisation’s system will intelligently react to alerts raised by sensors, creating and assigning tasks to your frontline workers. Create tasks that automatically address issues triggered by IoT sensors located at strategic locations.

Assign tasks in advance to the individuals who will be notified via connected devices to resolve the issues raised and be able to demonstrate that the job has been done. Automatically create a record of events, or use forms for frontline workers to keep track of activities.

Progress Monitoring

Monitoring and providing visibility into activity progress is not micromanagement. Empower and enable frontline workers to collaborate, communicate, plan and manage their day-to-day workload.

Digitise and automate operational tasks so frontline staff can track their performance, upcoming tasks that are due and tasks already completed or missed. Users can also track performance against historic metrics, assign work to other users or groups, view the trend of their task completion progress and measure it against the company average.

Task Monitoring with Over-C Platform

Real-time Operational Data

Experience a live and complete overview of how your business is performing and understand and address all operational issues and risks.

Visualise all of your activities in one easy to interpret dashboard. Understand the performance of your teams, their engagement levels and empower them by addressing areas where they need extra support. Assign the right resources to problem areas. Improve the employee experience and drive greater productivity.

Smart Digital Forms

Build easy to use and clear digital forms to inspect and assess assets or locations of interest. Users can set pass/fail criteria based on given answers. Set a timeframe for when forms need to be completed.

Schedule prompts for forms to be completed when staff visit certain areas of the building or based on other data triggers. Include instructions, reference photos, videos and web links in your forms to provide guidance and advice on how to complete a check, inspection or task.


Frontline operatives are the eyes, ears and mind of your organisation onsite. Provide individuals with the ability to alert the wider organisation to incidents as soon as they arise, allowing corrective maintenance to be taken by the right professionals quickly and efficiently.

An intelligently deployed network of IoT sensors in a facility works in harmony with your frontline operatives enabling real-time and ongoing data into the health of critical systems, allowing for preventative maintenance to be carried out before more drastic action is required.

Social Media Action

Using our automated social media analytics, a task or incident can automatically be triggered to address any negative feedback. Collect data on how you are performing, quickly address items that are causing you to be perceived negatively from your customers.

Create tasks automatically to address comments raised on social media, assign them to the right team member so that clear ownership is assigned leading to a more efficient outcome. Assign and create incidents fixing problems causing negative social media responses, reply to the individuals so they feel confident in the resolution.

Data-driven trends & predictions


Allow employees to see how they are performing as individuals and use that to benchmark against the team to increase productivity levels. Its intrinsic in nature to want to be a high performer and a huge amount of empowerment can be felt by this.

Risk Benchmarks

Ensure that the right Key Performance indicators are being managed and that staff are rewarded for doing the right things which are also aligned to business objectives. By assigning tasks you can ensure that staff know what success looks like and they can be rewarded as such.

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