Inspections & Audits

Workplace inspections help prevent incidents, injuries and illnesses.

Leveraging IoT for Inspections & Audits

Repair or Break Down

Enable frontline operatives to alert teams to problems as soon as they arise, allowing corrective maintenance to be taken by the right professionals quickly and efficiently.


Systematic Inspections

Digital checks on facilities allow for real-time and ongoing data into the health of critical systems, enabling preventative maintenance to be carried out before more drastic action is required.


Predict Failure Before It Occurs

IoT sensors allow for real-time monitoring of critical assets by central management teams, giving unparalleled insight into system health and allowing for alarms to be raised and corrective action taken even before problems arise.


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How Inspections & Forms Are Used For Risk Assessment

Build easy to use and clear digital forms to inspect and assess regular assets or areas you are responsible for. You can even set pass/fail criteria based on given answers. Set a timeframe for when forms need to be completed. Schedule prompts for forms to be completed when staff visit certain areas of the building or based on other data triggers. Include instructions, reference photos, videos and web links in your forms to provide guidance and advice on how to complete a check, inspection or task.

Hazard Identification During Inspections

Easily identify hazards by triggering notifications when an inspection highlights an issue, raise a task or an incident and assign to a qualified team member so that the hazard is addressed as soon as possible. Use pictures, videos and tag the location so it’s clear what needs to be addressed and where.

Create a near real time visual representation of any facility using Live Site Mapping. Clearly see areas of concern and where you need to intervene to ensure that you are not only complying with all your required regulations but are optimising the customer experience.

Collaborate & Add New Evidence Anytime

Tag People in Inspection Timeline

Ensure that the right people get the most up to date and relevant information to them and fast. Assign the right individuals so that it becomes part of their to do list and have certainty that the job is being done quickly.

Tag Documents to Inspections

Ensure that when you need to prove inspections have been completed you have the relevant documents available to cross reference and demonstrate to external auditors.

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