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The only tracking device
not to be housed in plastic

Tough Tracker is a unique weld-on impact tamper proof tracking device with its own power supply making it suitable for assets with no power supply- ideal for high value asset management.

Unlike all other trackers in the market, the Tough Tracker is able to withstand impact, is fully weather and tamper proof. Tough Tracker’s average battery life is 5 years and can be used on assets like generators, trailers, skips and containers. There is no awkward programming or setting up involved. Simply weld or bolt on the Tough Tracker and you are ready to go.

The world’s first virtually indestructible tracking device for the protection of assets

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The patented design includes an armoured outer shell made of an impact-resistant composite, stronger than steel, which is used in the manufacture of Formula one cars. All the electronics are encased within this material forming a complete IP 68 rated seal.

Constantly Monitor
the location of your equipment

  • Assets are pinpointed on google maps – detailing the exact location
  • Setup alerts to inform you when your equipment has moved
  • Time – Set the times when a device/asset can or cannot move
  • Routes – Specify a particular route the device is allowed to take, you are sent an alert if the device strays from the route