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The Over-C Tag Event Dispatcherâ„¢

a premier platform for business-critical processing of transactions generated from mobile devices. Companies continue to embrace NFC and RFID enabled devices as a means of providing advanced proof-of-presence, access control and other functionality.

Over-C’s tags provide unique identification for whatever they are attached to. Place a tag at the start and end of a security patrol - when an employee scans them with their phone, you get real-time notification that they have completed their task.

Put a tag on a wall next to a fire extinguisher - when an employee scans it with their phone, you know that they have checked it. Put a tag on a valuable piece of equipment and get accurate reports on who has it and where it is. If it needs checking, tag it.

Effectively processing tag events is the most critical aspect of any NFC/RFID enabled application. Your business demands a solution that can scale as more devices are deployed and adapt to ever changing business rules with no impact on the user in the field.

The ideal platform must also be easy to administer and manage; it must provide a means to integrate with back office systems; and it must offer a high-degree of reliability when capturing tag events, both online and offline.

Straightforward management of information, which can be grouped into customised location folders, saving you time and effort. Easy to position each tag on a map, with optional access for your customers - you can adapt your tags simply whenever you need to, and if you choose, your customers can see you doing it.

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