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+Can I integrate multiple locations and properties into the platform or do I need one platform per location?

You can integrate and manage as many properties, locations, venues all from one platform. You don't need one platform per location. You can also set permissions so that different users or user groups can only view specific data or certain locations you specify.

+Can I set permissions on the platform so that certain people can only view certain things?

Yes, you can set permissions so that different users, groups, locations etc. can only view what you want them to view.

+How easily does the platform scale?

We have built the platform to easily scale. Users download our mobile application directly from the Play Store and the administrator issues them with a username and password and they are ready to go. You can continue to add users when you need them.

+I have users who will not always be online and / or have limited connectivity. Can they still do their job and connect through the app?

Yes. Once logged into the app it stays active for 12 hours. All activity is cached to the device and once the network connection is regained, all activity is then sent to the server.

+Who will digitise my current paper-based forms to display in the mobile app? Do Over-C do this or do I have to do this?

Our standard model is to allow you to self-serve. We train a superuser(s) within the company who can then either train others to do this or be responsible for all digital form creation themselves. We also offer the option of a fully managed service where Over-C manage all of this for you. This is in addition to the standard pricing.

+How do I access my reports?

Reports are automated and you can select whatever timing or frequency you want to receive these. Reports can be emailed to select users and groups based on the timeline and frequency set by you. Reports are also available to you and the users in Web Admin which is the administrator portal.

+How do you convert my existing site maps into the online dashboard?

We have a team of digital cartographers in-house that take CAD drawings, and any existing maps you have, and custom design and build the maps within the dashboard. Additional maps or adjustments can always be made later. This is in addition to the standard pricing.

+How simple is the mobile application to use? My team members may not all be technically advanced.

Our number one priority is that our platform is easy to use so that you do not need to be technically advanced or tech savvy. The application is very intuitive with a dynamic and visual interface that's simple to use and navigate. Once deployment has been completed, we will train your superuser(s) so they can train every member of staff. We also train the superuser(s) how to easily address any known user issues.

+Is the platform complex to install and deploy? Will there be a risk of downtime or data loss?

Installation and deployment is very straightforward and simple. To ensure no downtime or data loss, we recommend you continue to use your current process or system while we implement and deploy our platform at the same time. Once implemented, and while we train your staff, we keep both systems running for a few days so that there is overlap. Once our platform is fully up and running, our support team will work closely with you for the next 2-3 weeks checking in with you once a week to ensure everything is running smoothly and to be available to support if needed.

+I'm concerned my staff won't use the mobile application. What are the common issues you encounter with encouraging usage?

We have built the mobile application to make it easier for users to do their jobs and to ensure that it is simple to use and intuitive. We spend time with your superuser(s) to train them so they can then train all of your staff. Although some may be apprehensive at the beginning as it's a change in process, we have found that within a week users see the benefit as they are recognised more for the work they do, it makes their job easier and less time-consuming, it raises performance of those that may not have been performing and overall employee satisfaction goes up. It also connects users to each other so they feel more empowered and connected to the wider organisation.

+Are there infrastructure requirements? Do I need IT involved in this implementation?

No, there are no infrastructure requirements and you don't need to involve your IT department. We are a standalone platform fully hosted in the Cloud and use WiFi or mobile data connectivity. There is no integration into your existing systems needed.

+Before deployment begins, what do I need to do beforehand?

We will need a list of users so we can create their user accounts. If you want a custom map displayed in the dashboard we will need maps of the properties. If you opt for a fully managed service we will need all existing documents and forms you use so that we can digitise them and load into the mobile application. If we need to come on-site for deployment, we always ensure we complete training with superuser(s) in advance.

+We have special requirements to do work on-site. Do you meet those requirements?

Prior to any implementation we will discuss any Health and Safety requirements, work permit requirements, work from height permit requirements or other. In some cases e.g. working from height, we recommend that your existing or already approved contractors install beacons or sensors. We ensure that we this is all discussed and agreed beforehand. We then calibrate once installed.

+Once the platform is up and running, is support offered? Do you offer out of hours support?

Our standard support is business hours 8.30-5.30pm Monday to Friday. 24/7 support is available at an additional cost.

+What is the average turnaround time for a support issue?

If the support query is within business hours you will receive a response within 24 hours. If the issue is business critical and urgent (e.g. outage), turnaround time is between 2-4 hours.

+What if I have issues after deployment?

After deployment and during the bedding-in period, our support team will work closely with you checking in at least once a week for the next 2-3 weeks to ensure everything is running smoothly and for any support that's needed.

+What hardware is required?

If your users already have mobile devices (android or iOS) they simply need to download the app and they are ready to go. If you require additional devices, these can be purchased through your preferred or existing network provider. Specialised devices (e.g. rugged tablets/phones) can be purchased through Over-C. Sensors or other IoT endpoints can be purchased through your preferred supplier or directly from Over-C. If you choose to buy through a different supplier we will provide advice and guidance and then implement and deploy once available.

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