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Automatic data capture

With RFID from Over-C, you get constant and effort free identification, location and tracking information. Visibility into the inventory and movement of assets and products is critical business intelligence.

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID ) is a champion at providing real-time inventory, supply chain and asset management visibility, all with little or no human intervention. The real-time visibility improves operations, stripping time and errors out of your everyday processes — from inventory, shipping and receiving logistics to intelligent asset management. And RFID is so versatile, you can find it at work in practically every industry.

Effortless tracking of every product or asset, every moment of the day

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Effortless tracking

RFID brings value to virtually any business that has bulk items to manage — from product moving through the supply chain to inventory to equipment.

  • Distribution centres track shipments as they move in, out and through the warehouse
  • Retail stores perform more efficient cyclecounting and inventory operations
  • Hospitals ensure that all defibrillators and other critical equipment are in stock and in the right locations
  • Manufacturers ensure raw material availability and optimize sequencing processes

Affordable technology

This affordable, near instant and constant visibility turns into big business benefits. Fewer errors, increased automation and a more efficient labor pool reduce costs and optimize business processes, allowing you to better serve more customers — increasing sales and profitability.

How does it work? When RFID tags that contain a unique code are placed on items and assets, the information can be automatically, wirelessly and simultaneously captured with a fixed, handheld or mobile RFID/NFC reader.

With the power of RFID, your products and assets practically manage themselves, providing constant and effort free identification, location and tracking information.