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Fast and accurate data collection

We offer our customers mobile application software that enables them to configure, deploy, and manage applications on mobile devices to replace paper forms, spreadsheets, emails, and phone calls.

Because mobile phones can send data from remote locations, the collected information can be made available in real-time for analysis. By automating and optimising business processes Over-C can deliver substantial cost saving and new revenue generation opportunities for your enterprise.

  • Drag and drop app builder
  • Smartphone or Feature phone
  • Compliance management
  • Mobile data forms
  • Workflow exception reporting
  • Survey creation and forward
  • Tailored questionnaires
  • Sales management

Streamline and automate your proven business processes and workflows

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Drag and drop form builder

Distribute new or updated apps over-the air, both planned and on-the-fly, as business requirements, forms, or requirements change.

Over-C is changing the way we think about real-time technology in our business. This product works, delivers benefits, reduces costs and has the ability to provide unlimited paperless solutions to real operational issues.

Neil Male - GMS Property Services

Collecting data the old-fashioned way

Filling in paper forms, transporting them to a central location, and transcribing them – is slow and cumbersome. It delays the availability of information and can hamper the ability to make crucial decisions.

Data collection with a mobile phone can dramatically improve the speed and quality of information obtained from the field. The more time-critical the need for data and the more remote the location, the more organisations can benefit from a mobile phone based solution proved to solve many challenges with delays, costs and inaccuracy.