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Lone workers are no longer alone

Working alone in potentially hazardous areas can be a serious cause for concern not only for the lone worker but for you, the employer.

Over-C provides an ultra rugged end-to-end solution that keeps workers safe and satisfies employers’ duty of care legislation.

We have a duty of care for all our employees - Over-C makes sure we fulfil it and best of all there's no extra cost.

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Find out fast

Get notification via email or SMS when a worker stops responding and take action immediately, giving you better response times and a safer workforce.

Notification automatically escalates up through all levels of management if a worker continues to be out of action. On at least one occasion, this has been a life saver.

There’s even a landline backup check-in facility, allowing workers to get in touch when they can’t use their own phone.

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Optional functionality

Over-C's monitoring software will enable devices to comply with all the essential aspects of a ‘lone worker device’ as outlined in the BS5979 Category 2.

  • Advanced man-down accelerometer sensor.
  • Notifies you when a worker stops responding, allowing you to take action immediately.
  • Can be optional (workers switch it on themselves) or managers can activate it for activities in hazardous areas.
  • Notification alerts on your Smartphone or via email or SMS, so that you receive vital updates and can react instantly.
  • Automatically escalates notifications to alarm receiving centres if a worker continues to be out of action.
  • Backup check-in facility, allowing workers to reassure managers of their safety when they can’t use their own phone.