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Organisations that have a great number of employees operating in the field are already benefiting from Over-C.

By simplifying task communication, field operations become more transparent and desired results are delivered.

Over-C enables real-time information exchange to and from remote field service personnel. They can quickly report on tasks done by sending instant information using their mobile phones, and also report on any incidents or potential problems. But this information flow is two-way: they can also receive valuable service information from the central office to their mobile phones, such as updated work instructions.

  • Increased productivity via workflow management.
  • Improved inventory accuracy, savings in ordering and storage.
  • Increased visibility and efficiency throughout the business.
  • Enhanced customer service, customer loyalty and retention.
  • Up-to-date service history, enabling improved, efficient service.
  • By cutting out traditional time-consuming and error-prone pen-and-paper methods, field maintenance personnel save valuable time on task reporting and can automatically and accurately report on jobs done.

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Over-C are clear market leaders in NFC application service delivery.

Peter Henshaw - Gefco