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Few environments are as utterly dependant on exact schedules as transportation companies.

A single delay in task delivery can potentially cause a significant chain reaction, if not acted upon instantly.

But when management have constantly updated data delivered by Over-C, urgent re-scheduling instructions can be transmitted to staff in real time; staff in turn can provide immediate feedback on task completion, and resourcing schedules are instantly updated.

  • Reduced administration and reporting costs.
  • Real-time reporting for condition monitoring.
  • Workflow Management exception reporting.
  • Ease of integration with customer business systems.
  • Automatic multimedia capture and forward.
  • Assisting your operations, facilities and assets are checked and maintained according to the customer request, allowing preventative task management via online/real-time reporting.

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We are one of the first organisations to use Over-C's technology in our business. Over-C helps staff focus on our clients needs while improving our quality service delivery.

Peter Campbell - First Group