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Over-C allows maintenance and field support service companies to upgrade their communication processes and streamline their procedures in real-time.

We provide transparency across the business process by delivering digital proof of service tasks completed: where, by whom, and at what time.

The customers of maintenance and field service companies can see what has actually been done and check it against the service agreement. By simplifying task communication, field operations become more transparent and desired results are delivered.

  • Real-time reporting on site attendance and work time.
  • Real-time information on the facility and risk factors.
  • Real-time confirmation of task completion.
  • Real-time information on asset service history.
  • Real-time dispatch of parts used during service.
  • Information flow is two-way, staff can also receive valuable service information from the central office to their mobile devices, such as updated work instructions. Task reporting is simplified, processes are made transparent and more accurate, and vitally, service quality is upgraded. All parties gain.

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We see Over-C as a way to ensure that our customers continue to receive the very best possible experience.

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