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Know Where Your Employees Are

Over-C gives you a map of where your employees have been, where they are and where they’re going next, as well as how long they’ve spent at each location throughout the day.

When you know how long employees take to complete specific assignments, you can use the location based services data to benchmark standard tasks and route times, and establish best practices for training purposes.

Help your mobile employees work smarter and faster to meet productivity and service goals

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GPS & NFC opens up a world of opportunities for savvy enterprises

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Visibility with GPS Location Services

See the location of every mobile employee directly on your Smart device whether a mobile phone or a tablet PC using Google Maps. You can drill down into an individual to see where they have been, the route they have driven and where they are now.

Over-C's innovative mapping solutions allow position updates to be processed quickly and converted into meaningful visual data that you are able to instantly utilise. Our mapping technology clearly stands out from the competition as we strongly believe live tracking and mapping is more than a map marker and an asset name.

Out of all the companies we looked at, we knew that we wanted Over-C to play a key role, because of the depth of innovative features. Only Over-C provided us with the ability to define how best to meet our own customers’ needs.

Paul Westbury - Securitas