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Mobile workforce management solutions for all enterprises

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Over-C manages compliance by giving absolute knowledge that an individual is at the right location at the right time with the right asset doing the right task – in SAFETY.

  • Automate and simplify the job scheduling and dispatch process of mobile workforce management.
  • Complete visibility and effective management of mobile workforce schedules, tasks, work orders, assets, timesheets, reporting and more.
  • Manage the service delivery process from start to finish and handle unexpected events with ease using our real-time mobile field service software.
  • One system handles the entire mobile workforce from exception reporting, task scheduling, location tracking, lone worker monitoring and access control.

Your performance

Track the performance of your mobile workforce and use the information for continuous improvement, allowing you to offer enhanced first-class service to your customers.

Map your world

Over-C’s interactive maps are unique - they give you a live view of your users/property and where they are. You can adapt them to show sites, buildings, rooms or individual assets.

Automate reports

Over-C captures a tremendous amount of powerful data, which can be automated and emailed anywhere in order that you can remain totally focused on your customer needs.

Find out fast

Notification automatically escalates up through all levels of management if a worker continues to be out of action. On at least one occasion, this has proven to be a life saver.