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Mobile airtime network analyzer at a price that every business can afford

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Cloudflow monitors mobile devices and service providers, in real-time, to check cell carrier data performance and intelligently switch global data packets to the fastest route.

Mobile Device Management Features:

  • Secure mobile devices, apps and their content.
  • Push enterprise mobile apps for BYOD users.
  • Reduced risks of data loss from lost or stolen mobile devices, track device locations and remotely lock and wipe devices.

  • Comprehensive mobile app and content management.
  • Containerization separation of corporate and personal data.
  • Full control over mobile devices and their usage.
  • Scalable through multiple server configuration.
  • Automatically track devices, OTA to multiple devices.

Cloudflow opens up an exciting range of possibilities in mobile application data analytics that traditional traffic monitoring tools could never offer at a cost affordable to everbody.

Greg Gleinig - Over-C CTO

Cloudflow tracks data and the route travelled as it moves from a mobile device anywhere in the world. Upon arrival, Over-C’s servers analyses the route, hops and nodes and any latency reported along its path. Algorithms compare the results and reports back to the device to instruct it to route its data via a speedier path.

Cloudflow automatically directs your data via the fastest route but also advises the mobile user of the network performance in the area that person is positioned. Companies no longer need to spend hours fault finding their data networks or hosting centers to see if their airtime provider is having an issue or if it’s an in-house problem.