Thomond Park Stadium

Over-C assures Thomand Park's directors that critical operational tasks are carried out correctly - so they can focus on the fan experience.

A stadium such as Thomond Park, uses a variety of contractors to run the stadium on matchday, from stewards to maintenance staff. Each contractor signs into the stadium and the time is noted. The time is then noted again when they leave. This was a paper-based system which was time consuming, open to human error and provided no proof that the work had actually been done. It also meant that any issues were buried in paperwork, until the relevant party had an opportunity to review the documents. This is a particularly relevant issue for a stadium, where large numbers of people are gathering for one event and risk factors are extremely high.

Over-C has revolutionised the way we think about data, analytics and problem solving.”
— Colm Moran, Thomond Park

The Solution

Thomond Park initially rolled out the Over-C system on a pilot basis for Security & Safety staff. This provided stadium management with real-time reporting and gave a clear oversight of any immediate problems that needed to be addressed. Given that a stadium is a vast and complex site, it has ensured that human error has been minimised and no tasks are missed in error. Thomond Park is also using it to log the arrival and departure times for each contractor on site, allowing for contractors to be invoiced accurately. Following the successful pilot, Thomond Park established that they were able to run a far more efficient operation, minimising risks throughout the stadium and providing an enhanced match day experience. 


Given that a stadium environment operates with a central control room, we created powerful dashboard that gives stadium management an overall view of what’s happening throughout the stadium, with real-time reporting, highlighting what tasks are outstanding and using customised 2D maps to assist with decision making.

More to come 

The system has now been rolled out to cover plumbing contractors, electrical, Audio Visual and any system that comes into contact with the general public. Stadium management intend to roll the system out to APIs in the coming year, to cover load bearings on generators and the physical fire alarm system.

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