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With the Over-C platform, staff plan and manage their day-to-day workload via a simple-to-use application on their mobile device.

Club Vitae have several operational processes and procedures they must adhere to on a daily basis to ensure they are delivering an optimal experience. The challenge Club Vitae Clayton faced was that these processes were paper-based, time-consuming, manual tasks meaning staff were spending more time on administrative work rather than with gym members ensuring a great health, fitness and well-being experience.

The Over-C platform has freed up a huge amount of my time. Rather than being overwhelmed in detail, I now have the data quickly to hand meaning I can make quicker decisions and spend more time on things like sales and marketing.”
— Tony McGrath, Club Vitae

The Solution

With Over-C’s integrated SaaS platform, Club Vitae Clayton automated and digitised operational processes, dramatically reducing the amount of time spent on administrative and manual tasks, this allowed gym staff to focus on delivering a great customer experience. With the Over-C platform, staff plan and manage their day-to-day workload via a simple-to-use application on their mobile device. They can track their performance, see what tasks are completed, due and missed. All data is available in real-time via a visual dashboard giving full oversight and transparency into gym operations. This helps staff and management make more informed decisions, track performance and analyse trends. All activity is logged and time-stamped giving a complete and auditable record, all at the click of a button.

Staff morale and productivity 

The platform has led to improvements in communication, collaboration, productivity and organisation. It’s resulted in a significant increase in staff satisfaction having achieved 97% in their 2019 staff satisfaction survey compared to 76% in 2018, the highest across the entire group. The survey found that staff felt more of a sense of ownership and were being rewarded and receiving positive feedback on their performance due to increased visibility.

Enriched customer experience 

One of the biggest benefits Club Vitae Clayton have seen is an improvement in customer satisfaction. With full insight and transparency into what’s happening in the gym in real-time as well as insight into performance and trends, it allows the team to respond to issues quickly. Since deploying the Over-C platform, they have seen an 88% reduction in customer complaints and an increase from 3 stars to 5 in online customer reviews.

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