Over-C helped ScotRail to improve safety measures and meet security and compliance requirements - and optimise the passenger experience.

Rail Operators have an obligation to protect customers and employees whilst on railway property. The traditional paper-based procedures that ScotRail were using for security and safety checks were no longer sufficient to meet their needs. ScotRail needed a digital solution to help them align with the Department for Transport’s requirements and standards for security.

It's taken a lot of pressure off us regarding compliance and it's created better relationships between management and staff.”
— George Allan, Head of Major Stations

The Paper Conundrum

Their existing paper-based system was time consuming, open to manipulation, and didn’t provide any real-time information. This was inadequate for such a large operation that needed to be able to allocate resources efficiently and respond to any immediate issues promptly. With their existing processes, ScotRail were simply accumulating mountains of paper, which was virtually impossible to interpret. It was compliance for the sake of compliance, rather than gathering and interpreting useful data, that could actually improve their operations.

Our Solution 

By implementing our solution for their Safety and Security checks, our system helped ScotRail to improve safety measures and meet security and compliance requirements. It identifies the risk levels of different zones within a station and outlines methods for checking each one. Security patrols are tracked and workers receive prompts via their mobile device to remind them to check each zone. These are then signed off and their status recorded.

21st Century Compliance 

Notifications and a powerful online dashboard gives full transparency of operations, allowing managers to check that all security procedures are carried out as required. With our system, there’s less susceptibility to human error, and with a secure audit trail, ScotRail can fully meet compliance levels with a system that’s quick to implement, easy to use and cost effective. With no paper trail, employees no longer have to take time out to complete forms, which means they have more time to spend with the public, thereby improving overall customer service.

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