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Delivering covert technologies protecting high value cable

Cable theft costs the UK more than £19m each year. The total cost to the country, taking into account the impact of freight delays to power stations, supermarkets etc and on train passengers, is far higher.

BATT Cables plc are a world leader in cable, specialising in the supply, management and distribution of high value electrical cables. Their stock is held over 5 UK locations and three International sites with a total storage space of over 660,000 square feet.

As the value of copper and metals increased so did the number of thefts. Over-C were asked to provide a perimeter geofence along the boundary which would trigger if any tagged asset was moved.

Combining Over-C’s software engineering expertise, experience in access control, and industry-leading active and passive RFID we delivered a custom solution to track every cable reel. An active RFID solution offers many benefits and applications in site wide area tracking.

Once a tag has breached a protected zone Over-C triggers close circuit cameras (CCTV) to record the activity and send an alert to the security monitoring station.

In addition, Over-C provided fully integrated mobile handheld RFID readers. This provides users unrivaled mobility solutions to identify, locate and audit tagged assets outside of areas monitored by fixed RFID readers in real-time.