At Over-C, we're passionate about helping frontline employees and the people that manage them to deliver a clean, safe and secure environment that optimises the experience of their customers.

What Makes Us Different?

Our solution was built by a frontline worker from the ground up, not the top down. We empathise completely with the problems created by ‘business as usual’ frontline management and offer the market something decisively different.

Over-C combines state-of-the-art tech with a culture of collaboration, giving complete transparency and confidence of all operations within a venue or facility. At Over-C we believe that all frontline workers should feel safe and fully equipped to operate to the best of their ability.

From the frontline worker to senior executives, we empower and connect the workforce with the technology necessary to drive down costs and ensure compliance with industry regulations. That way, you can focus on delivering a service that frees your customers and staff from any concern that their experience will in any way compromise their well-being.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Journey

Our Journey

Our founder and CEO, Michael Elliott, is a true entrepreneur and visionary. From serving as a search-and-rescue pilot to founding Over-C, his has been a truly unique career.

The story of Over-C began when Mike ran his own manned security guarding company – Akita Security. He soon realised that he – and the industry – had a major problem: when asked for insights into the efficiency of the service he was providing, he couldn’t get his hands on the information he needed to answer them. He had no visibility.

When an incident occurred, he was often the last to know: by then, it was too late to either act or rectify what had happened. Mike made it his mission to change this industry for the better. He sold his security company and founded Over-C.

Our Mission

At Over-C, we believe that those who use venues and facilities shouldn’t have to choose between their safety and a positive experience. We believe they should have both without compromise.

Our mission is relentless — we want venues and facilities to have complete transparency and confidence that they are delivering a clean, safe and secure environment. We want them to own and control the data that will enable them to make smarter decisions. And we want to help them ensure compliance with safety regulations and standards and better manage their costs – whilst also delivering an optimal customer experience.

Our Culture

In an industry where staff are so often undervalued, where teams lack cohesion and where business owners have increasingly reduced visibility, these three words underpin our mission: communication, culture, community.

We believe frontline workers achieve the best results when they have the right technology in their hands – enabling them to communicate more effectively with their management and each other. This helps to forge a common culture on which all communities depend.

Our Culture

Customer Obsessed

Customers are at the heart of what we do and we treat them like family. They are part of our DNA and we stop at nothing to support and serve them.

Understated Confidence

This rests at the core of our culture and the foundation of our work ethic. We're confident in our expertise to get the job done and we're keen to continue evolving with our customer.


Building and bonding effective teams underpins every outcome we offer clients - our employees, service and tech offerings facilitate this.


Passion, drive and grit is what fuels us to go above and beyond. We live for the sense of accomplishment we feel when we solve problems for our customers and partners.


Over-C is founded on the need to use technology to address the challenges associated with venue and facility management. We're proud of the fact that our customers tell us that there isn't a problem we can't solve.


We're prepared to take a leap of faith if we think it may lead us to the solution we're looking for. We're not afraid to disrupt and we're not afraid to challenge the status quo.


Our default is to share - leading to open debate, trust, and decisions based on data, not politics.


We simplify the complex and focus on getting the job done well and done right. #JobDone.

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