5 Ways to Show Appreciation for Frontline Workers


Frontline workers are the backbone of a company. They are the first point of contact with your customer or product. However, they are often overlooked or invisible to the organisation, compared to office-based workers or senior management.

Here are five ways to show you value and appreciate the frontline workers in your organisation.

#1 – Recognition and praise

We all seek recognition and praise for the work we do. The great thing is that it’s simple and easy to do yet too often it’s something we forget. Thanking employees for the job they do and their contribution shows that you’re paying attention and you care. Take 5 minutes and just say thank you! Be prompt and spontaneous when you see behaviours you want to reinforce, be specific about what you’re thanking them for and most importantly be sincere. Empower your employees by encouraging them!

#2 – Get to know them. A name goes a long way.

Our workdays are busy, often pressurised, with KPIs to hit and goals to meet. We can all be guilty of being distracted where we don’t stop to say hello to someone as we pass by or make the time to get to know someone. By stopping what you’re doing for a few seconds to simply say hello and ask someone how their day is going or how their weekend was, can make a big difference to your workers day. Did you know that one in three frontline workers report directly to a manager who doesn’t know their name? Taking the time to ask someone their name and knowing it the next time you see them is simple, yet powerful.

#3 – Give frontline workers a voice

All employees deserve to feel like they play a crucial role in their organisation. The best way to ensure frontline workers are empowered is to give them a voice. In many organisations there is a one-way flow of information from management to frontline workers whether it’s work schedules, processes, updates, feedback or other. It’s time to stop the one-way flow and create a dialogue. These workers are on the frontlines with your customer so open up the lines of communication and listen to their feedback, suggestions and input. Not only will it make them feel more valued but it could also have a positive impact on the business.

#4 – Enable frontline workers to be successful

Fewer than one in five frontline workers have systems and processes which make their job easier. Providing the right systems, processes, tools and training is critical. Ensure that any systems and processes in place make their lives easier and not just that of management. Take time for continuous training and enablement. It’s easier to teach a desired behaviour than change it later. When looking at new systems or tools, engage frontline workers in the conversation as a stakeholder for their input.

#5 – Embrace technology

Frontline workers that have access to technology are more satisfied with their job and are more likely to say they have the tools they need to do their job effectively. The benefits of getting technology into the hands of frontline workers are becoming clear. Gartner predicts that up to 70% of mobile and endpoint net new investments will be aimed at these workers over the next five years with 30% of total mobile and endpoint budgets dedicated to frontline worker needs this year. Companies who have embraced technology have seen a 15% performance improvement as well as a 50% decrease in the numbers of errors made. It has also led to significant improvements in collaboration and communication and increases to staff morale.

Learn more about how you can empower frontline workers and embrace technology.


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