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Over-C is an easy-to-use, flexible management tool turning mobile phones into powerful productivity and data collection devices, designed to improve mobile business processes and operations.

The Solution is designed to benefit all, both your organization and your clients. The information cycle from completion reporting to analysis is greatly accelerated. Service history can be accurately checked, improvements and suggestions can be implemented, reacting quickly to realities in the field. As a result, service can evolve from reactive to preventative.

Over-C enables companies to deliver an unparalleled level of service by providing:

  • Reduced errors and time spent on manual reporting
  • Improved safety for employees working remotely in the field
  • Secure and accurate information to and from staff in the field
  • Automatic registration of completed tasks and site checks
  • Risk management across the entire service delivery process
  • Real-time accountability and operational compliance

Compliance is - an individual is at the right location at the right time doing the right task.

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At Over-C we had a sudden, unexpected realization of the solution to a problem.

How do you offer mission critical apps when you have no visibility or control of the data from the time it leaves your mobile device until its arrival at your servers? Over-C's Cloudflow service measures mobile performance and automatically switches data to the fastest route via Over-C Cloudflow servers based around the world.

  • Flow based network traffic analysis
  • Monitor key critical applications & end-user experience
  • Virtual representation of the data flow with heat maps
  • Self healing automated net route switiching
  • Intelligent network fault finding - get notified instantly
  • Get the true Airtime performance of your network

Enhance service quality and delivery creates an opportunity for gaining a competitive advantage by:

  • Compliance with legislation and environmental reporting
  • Improved asset management through accurate asset tracking
  • Increased visibility and efficiency for the business processes
  • Enhanced service, increased customer loyalty and retention