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A Business Solution Secured

Following a successful pilot project, G4S Security Services decided to deploy Over-C throughout Ireland and continue to add new customers to the system each month.

'By implementing the solution, we significantly improved communication to and from our security guards on site and offer our customers greater visibility of our service performance' says Liam Wade, Director at G4S.

He goes on to note the practicalities of the simplified technology: 'Previously, our security guards had to carry two devices with them, now they only need one for real-time data capture and transfer - the Over-C enabled mobile phone'.

Not only is the time spent on security-related task reporting greatly minimized; security managers at the back-end office receive instant information about the movements and location of the guards in the field, and thus the security of the personnel is greatly enhanced.

Customers also receive the reassurance of real-time reports of their own premises. That personalized reassurance is a real business driver in the security field, satisfying existing clients and attracting new ones.

G4S is a global leader in the field of security operations employing over 500,000 people worldwide.